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Map Layers

Customize your private personalised decision making map by selecting and de-selecting layers of information; segment and sub-segments ofr vessels, ports , vessel lists, port lists, Polar Codes, ECA zones, vessel sub-segments, weather, ice etc.
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Customize your private decision making map

Add vessel segments and sub-segments. Select the colours you prefer for each of them and follow the vessel in real-time in the map

The vessels are divided into different segments like; dry cargo, tankers, LNG, LPG, chemicals, oil service, etc.

When we "segmented" the vessels, we asked our friends in the shipping industry; Can you define the sub-segments within your segment? Based on their feedback, we defined the sub-segments within each segment and sorted the vessels according to the their requirements (dry cargo, tankers, LPG and LNG).

Get a super quick overview of your competitors. Select and de-select segments and sub-segments in your map, and use the colors you prefer on each sub-segment.

Add Maritime weather layers on your map

In Maritime Optima you can select different types of weather layers: Wind, waves, ocean currents and precipitation. We update the maritime weather once every 24 hrs, and you can view the weather two days behind and seven days ahead.

Add the vessel sub-segment layers you prefer and view the weather conditions the vessels are facing or will be facing. Hover over a vessel in the map to see her name and sub-segment.

In the guides you will find information about the Beaufort scale for wind and Seastate for waves and currents.

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Add ECA zones, Polar Code, International Navigating Limits (INL), Load Line (LL) zones or ice on your map

You can select between satellite, dark or a light colour maps.

Add Load Line Zones and view the dates the zones are changing and view the vessels trading in the different zones.

Add International Navigating Limits or IMO Polar Code and click on the vessels you want to explore.

Add the ECA zones or ice and view which vessels are trading in the different zones since you are following the vessels in real time.

Create unlimited numbers of port and vessels lists and add the lists as layers to your customized map

Use the advanced search filters and create unlimited number of port lists and add the lists as layers on your map. Example: You can create one list for dry cargo ports in Europe and another one for bunker ports in Med. You can also create a list of the ports your vessels visit most frequently.

Use the advanced search filter and create as many lists of vessels or ports you want matching your search criteria. Add the lists as layers on your map. You can create an unlimited numbers of lists for different owners, competitors, clients, or what about list of vessels max 5 years old?

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