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Want to find the biggest vessels seen in a port ? Tide, weather, bunker prices and availability, vessels currently in a port and recent departures for moe than 5 000 ports. Create private port lists by using the advanced search criteria and add the lists as info layers to your private customized map.
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Port data on more than 5 000 ports

Want to find tanker ports in a specific country?

Use the advanced search filters and search among more than 5 000 ports and find the ports you want to explore.

Each port has real-time data on maritime weather, tidal water etc.

You will also find local time, bunker prices for different grades and bunker availability.

You can collect the ports you find, create and save them in a list and name them according to your search criteria "Tanker ports in Qatar" . Lists you create is stored as your private information.

Check out the tidal water, weather, bunker prices and bunker availability in a port

Quickly check out local time in all ports.

Access maritime weather in any port (humidity, precipitation, wind direction and pressure), and view a five days weather forecast.

Tidal water and time charts for all ports (real-time and for the next 5 days)

Check out bunker prices and bunker availability in each port. The bunker prices and bunker availability are provided by BunkerEx.

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Find vessels currently in a port and recent departures from any of the 5 000 ports

We are updating this port information based on AIS information from more than over 100 AIS satellites and terrestrial AIS senders.

You will find real-time updated information of the vessels currently in any of the 5 000 ports and you will also find recent vessel departures from any of the ports (Standard subscription)

View biggest vessels seen in each of the ports within each segment based on Dwt, LOA or Beam (Standard subscription)

Add notes and comments to any port or port lists

You can add notes to almost "anything"; a vessel, a port, a vessel list, a port list, a photo, an album or documents.

You can add notes instead of writing your comment on a piece of paper to a port og a list of port. The notes you add is your private information.

So instead of writing in your paper notebook, you can add a "digital note" from your mobile or the web and easily search and find your comments in your notebook later.

A note for one of your port lists might be:
@operation: Can you guys check and add information on these port. I am working on a new COA and need to know what experience we have in these ports

In your private workspace you can upload photos, drawings, or documents, or shoot a photo attached directly to any of the ports

Suppose one of your vessel is arriving at a berth in a port for the first time in a long time or the port authorities have done some policy changes. Then the captain can shoot a photo, add notes and explain.The photo and notes are automatically attached to the port and synced, so you can view the photos from you laptop. You can also add notes/comments, and continue to discuss with the captain. The documentation is available and super quick to find next time you need that info about that berth.

If you want to study a port before you arrive, you can upload documentation, photos and drawings from your archived, and if you set up a team you can discuss how to sort problems and share your experience.

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