Track car shipments, their live positions and ETA's

Search for car carriers by name and find their live positions, where they are heading and their estimated time of arrival.

We combine raw AIS data from satellites with vessel information from other sources, our industry knowledge and tech competence.

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Screenshots of ShipAtlas on computer and mobile.
Screenshot of ShipAtlas on a laptop.Screenshot of ShipAtlas on a tablet.Screenshot of ShipAtlas on a mobile.

Available on desktop
and mobile

Use the same login on your mobile and laptop/desktop, and your settings and data are automatically synced on all your devices.
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Screenshot from ShipAtlas showing a vessel in the map, a technical description, last port and next port with ETA.

The world's merchant fleet at your fingertips

We collect raw AIS data every second from more than 700 AIS satellites and terrestrial receivers, and dynamic AIS data sources.

We spend time and knowledge in data wrangling, cleaning, and unifying messy and complex data sets. This data processing is the backbone of our intelligent maritime software products aiming to unlocking the maritime industry’s digital potential.

All vessels have Class A senders, valid IMO and MMSI numbers. We map changes in IMO or MMSI numbers when a vessel change name, flag, or ownership.

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Frequently updated information for more than 5,200 ports

Click on the port icon in the map or search for a specific port.

Access daily updated marine whether and info on tides, updated bunker prices, grades and availability, for all ports.

Access real-time updated information on vessels in a port, recent departures and vessels waiting at anchorage.

Find biggest vessels visited the port by segment. You can create unlimited numbers of port lists and add the lists as layers on your map.

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Screenshot from ShipAtlas showing vessels in port, port infrastructure, bunker prices and other port information.