Vessel traffic in ports, and port data at your fingertips

We update vessel waiting at anchorage, presently in port and recent departures every 10th minute.

You will find the daily updated marine weather and tides, and 15 days marine weather forecasts.

Search and find daily updated and available bunker prices and grades in any of the ports.

Create unlimited numbers of port list, for example; all coal ports In Australia in one list, all LPG terminals in one list etc.

Switch to satellite mode, turn on vessels layer, zoom in, and the real-time port and berth activities.

The port information in ShipAtlas

We combine the data from the AIS data streams with other public sources. We use our industry knowledge and we spend a lot of time in cleaning and unifying messy and complex data sets, and process the data, before we present it to you. Search and find any port by name, country or UN/LOCODE. Create list of vessels matching your criteria and select view in map.

Tides, local time and daily updated weather

On each port you can access the local time.

You will find daily updated maritime weather (humidity, precipitation, wind direction and pressure), and view a five day weather forecast.

You will find information on the present tidal water in any of the ports with a 5 days estimates for the tide.

The weather and tides forecast are updated every 24 hours.

Frequently updated activity in ports

Find information of which type of vessels and how many of those vessels are currently moored in any of the ports.

Find which vessels and how many vessels have recently sailed from any of the ports, or which and how many vessels are presently waiting at anchorage.

Find, filter and sort in the list.

The vessels are listed by name or shown in the map.

Bunker grades, availability and prices

You will find information on what bunker grades are available in the ports, the prices last time they were quoted and the availability of bunkers in the port. The bunker information is updated daily and provided by BunkerEx.

We are presently developing a bunker price forecasting model helping you to optimise bunker purchase on each voyage.

Add photos, notes and subscribe for notifications on ports

Add photos on ports

Shoot photos from your mobile directly attach to any vessel (or port). Easy to do and quick to find later. Create an album, name it "Hamburg December 2020" and shoot photos from your mobile directly attached to the port.

Add notes on ports

Add notes to any vessel (or port). A note might be "The agent in this port is GAC.

Add notifications on ports

Look for the bell icon on the port card, and add notifications on ports to be kept updated on vessels activities.  Get push notifications on your mobile if vessels arrives or departs from specific ports.

Unlimited numbers of port lists

Search and find any port by name, country, region, type of port or UNECE locodes. Save those ports in a port lists, and view the ports list in your map.

Create unlimited numbers of port list, for example; all coal ports In Australia in one list, all LPG terminals in one list etc.

Create a lits of tanker ports in China, or dry cargo ports in Japan, or maybe chemical ports on USEC?

Screenshot of ShipAtlas on a laptop.Screenshot of ShipAtlas on a tablet.Screenshot of ShipAtlas on a mobile.

Available on desktop
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Use the same login on your mobile and laptop/desktop, and your settings and data are automatically synced on all your devices.
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If you have ideas or wishes, want to propose improvements, or find bugs, please send us a chat so we can discuss.

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