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For any type and size of companies involved in maritime business.

ShipIntel is an innovative software that helps you save hours every day and maximizes the value of your knowledge by letting you combine maritime AIS data, cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, and generative AI technology with your company's data.

With ShipIntel, you gain valuable insights and help to make informed decisions that will drive your business forward.

ShipIntel Essentials

Live Maritime intelligence based on AIS data, machine learning and AI

Search and find one vessel or a fleet of vessels by their technical dimensions, live and historical AIS data.

Create unlimited number of live position lists:

Find vessels in ballast condition able to meet a laycan window in a specific port

Find vessels just left a port in laden or ballast condition with a set destination

Find vessels in an area “just now” and find when they will arrive in a specific port or a region.

Follow the vessels live in the map and add the lists of vessels as layers in your map. Tailor-made alerts so you will be notified about changed.

Find historical AIS data attached to each vessel and find whether they loaded or discharged in the visited ports.

Check out the destination prediction model where we predict where vessel will sail.

Sea routes with constrains and emission calculations

Sea route calculations (from a vessel live position-to-any port or port-to-port (s)) and add optional information. Want to avoid ice? Avoid canals?

Find optimal ECA sea routes, shortest sea routes, and alternative sea routes so you can compare the distance and ETA and the calculated carbon emissions.

Connect the people in the office and people on site.
Work orders, GA plans, technical drawings, installation instructions, photos, notes and contacts. book and notes attached to ports and vessels. Always in sync between your devices and within the team.

Document the work on site when the job is done with pictures, checklists and notes directly attached to the vessels, and the people in the office will immediately be notified that the job has been done.


Save hours each day with the ShipIntel AI driven workflows

Reduce hours of manual work and get more time to evaluate the market, to negotiate and to discuss with your partners.

Track cargoes and TC requirements etc from the email arrive in your inbox, get emails that belong together grouped, find them organised in tabs, labled and parsed into your cargo and TC list ready for your pre-voyage calculations. Add notes and find who in your team has read the email and done a pre-voyage calculation.

The cargoes have statuses as open, in calculation, fixed on subs and fixed. Find the new cargoes or TC requirements that you have received during the last 24 hours, find which of them you have calculated on, negotiated and fixed or fixed on subs.

Make pre-voyage calculations and compare the TCE for list of vessels and cargoes in seconds. Add the cargoes and the vessels in your fleet, find market vessels that might reach your laycan window or add for specific vessels in the Live database. Compare their TCE in seconds and find the freight rate needed.

Get the Baltic cargoes for dry cargo, tankers and LPG so you quickly can run benchmark calculations.

Combine ShipIntel Pre-Fix with ShipIntel Essentials and get live position lists and destination predictions added to your pre-voyage calculations.

Integrate ShipIntel with your Microsoft 365 subscriptions

ShipIntel Essentials can be integrated with your Microsoft Teams subscription an ShipIntel Pre-Fix can be integrated with your Outlook subscription.

Customers using Microsoft 365 and that support the Microsoft Entra protocol, can login to ShipIntel by using the Microsoft SSO. Then ShipIntel becomes a part of your company's Data security Policy and your company data is protected by the Microsoft Entra protocol.

ShipIntel runs on Microsoft Azure.
The interface for ShipIntel Essentials, a software by Maritime Optima, integrated and displayed in Microsoft Teams. The image shows ShipIntel Essentials’ dashboard interface on Microsoft Teams with the Vessel List feature selected, showing a vessel list of DHT vessels. To the right in the ShipIntel Essential Teams interface, there is a map showing the live position of vessels belonging to the selected vessel list, along with different colors indication and showing various map layers such as Emission Control Areas (SECA), and judicial maritime zones and boundaries.
Icon of a vessel with a check mark, representing High-quality AIS data for Maritime Optima’s software solutions.
High quality AIS data
Icon of three people inside a circle, representing and illustration ShipIntel Essentials' integration with Microsoft Teams, and how the software’s integration connects a team and/or coworkers
Integrate with Microsoft
An icon of a desktop/computer/MacBook and a mobile phone inside a circle, representing and illustrating that ShipIntel by Maritime Optima is available on several platforms, such as desktop, mobile, and tablet.
Available cross-platform
Simple icon of a brain inside a circle, symbolizing Maritime Optima and ShipIntel’s AI-driven technology. The brain is white on a black background, while the circle surrounding it is green.
ShipIntel for any company dealing with maritime business

Make ShipIntel Essentials your everyday maritime companion

Combine your business knowledge with the in-house processed high quality live and historical AIS data, technical descriptions on vessels, data on areas, ports and berths together with the in house built Sea Route Calculator.

ShipIntel makes it is easy to follow where vessels have been trading in the past.

Get alerts when vessels enter war zones or national waters. Use the generative maritime AI technology and search for what is relevant to your business by combining AIS data, static data like vessel descriptions and the sea route engine.

ShipIntel is a smart companion to your existing software.

A stack of coins with graphs in the background visualizing ShipIntel's customer group; Ship Finance and banking, consisting of banking, insurance, lawyers and investors in the maritime industry.

ShipIntel Essentials is a smart companion to your existing software

A smart maritime CRM software based on Live and historical AIS data. Link your customers to their vessels. You can also upload your contact book and tag your contacts to their vessels.

You get alerts when the vessels sets a destination or arrives at anchorage, so your colleagues can plan their logistics. Additionally, you can add GA plans, capacity plans, and maintenance plans so your colleagues can efficiently execute and document their work from their mobile phone or tablet with notes, photos and documents.

Use the generative maritime AI technology and search for what is relevant to your business. ShipIntel is a smart companion to your existing software.

Make ShipIntel Essentials and ShipIntel Pre-fix with AI-driven workflows your everyday companion

Reduce hours of manual work so you get more time to evaluate and understand the market and to negotiate and discuss with your external partners.

Use machine learning and the ShipIntel generative maritime AI to parse your emails to machine readable cargo templates.

Make voyage calculations and compare the TCE for list of vessels and cargoes in seconds. The cargoes have statuses as open, in calculation, fixed on subs and fixed.

Baltic routes fro dry cargo, tankers and LPG so you quickly can run benchmark calculations.

Use the ShipIntel generative maritime AI and create dynamic position lists and get alerts when they change compass course, slow down and might be late for your cargoes.

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