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A smart maritime office at your fingertips.

A modularized software for maritime professionals focusing on team efficiency. Customize a software for your needs by selecting the modules you want.

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Are you a shipping professional?

Are you a ship broker, ship owner, or cargo owner? Do you work in ship finance, banking, or marine insurance,  or maybe you work in a classification company or as a shipping agent?

Tired of expensive legacy software?

Is your company using software you don't understand how to operate fully? Maybe you also feel that legacy software limits your efficiency and ability to explore new opportunities in a constantly changing world. It doesn't offer a cross-platform solution, so you can't work from your mobile phone.

However, you might be concerned about replacing the legacy software since it takes time and costs too much money. You might be stressed about losing business, and you don't want to waste your colleagues' time checking out software offered by a start-up that might not be able to survive.

Then you should check out ShipIntel

You can start for free, invite as many colleagues as you want, and continue with the basic functionality. Then you can customize your team's software by subscription for the modules you want and need.

With ShipIntel you avoid spending money and time on expensive and hard-to-learn software:

  • Easy onboarding with tutorials.
  • Only subscribe and pay for the modules you need.
  • Add seats to your team, invite your colleagues, deactivate and re-activate seats at any time during the subscription.
  • We are there to help you succeed and are available almost 24/7.
  • Maybe the best news is that each module only costs between €10 and €50 per seat per month, and you can cancel your subscription anytime.
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A smart maritime office at your fingertips

Access a personal and team dashboard with a user log showing your activities and the team's activities from your laptop and mobile view and filter your individual or team activities.

Since data and activities are synced between your devices, you are constantly updated when you log in.

We spend a lot of time mapping and cleaning the AIS data so you can quickly have an overview of the real-time AIS positions for the merchant fleet. All the vessels have valid IMO and MMSI and use a class A sender.

Create sea routes from your lap tap and your mobile. You can route from any of the vessels' AIS position to any port. You can also route between ports. Find which vessels might be able to reach a port within laycans. Find when your vessels can reach different ports when the charterers ask for more port options.

Create lists of vessels and add notes to the vessels in your list.

Add notification triggers and be notified on your mobile when specific vessels reach a port. Filter and organize the notifications in a dashboard.

The most important basic and free functionality

  • Search and find vessels with valid IMO, valid MMSI and Class A senders, organized in segments and subsegments. Search for ports by using name, country, segment or UNECE codes.
  • Create sea routes from any vessel's AIS position to any ports, or create sea routes between ports. You will find time in sea, ETA, nautical miles and bunker consumption.
  • Add notifications to follow vessels and get notified when they have arrived in a port, or add notifications to a port so you will be notified when vessels arrive at a specific port.
  • Create lists of vessels or ports and follow the vessels in the map in real time.
  • Add layers of information to your map; ECA, Economic zones, canals etc. Daily updated marine weather such as ice, waves, currents etc., with a 14 day weather forecast.
  • Upload photos and documents directly attached to vessels or ports. Access the photos and documents on both platforms.
  • Add notes and comments on the vessels and ports on the go.

The modules in ShipIntel

If you enjoy ShipIntel and are looking for some specific features, you might find what you need in the modules we offer. You don't need to subscribe and pay for "everything". Just subscribe to the modules you need. Today we offer six modules, and we will continue developing and distributing new modules based on user feedback.

Module 1: Global AIS tracks

Unlimited access to real-time AIS tracks for the merchant fleet (valid IMO, valid MMSI, and class A transmitters). Global coverage from satellites and terrestrial senders.

The vessels are organized in segments and subsegments, so you quickly find the vessels competing with your vessels.

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Module 2: AIS voyage history

You have unlimited access to the AIS voyage histories showing where all vessels have been trading in the past. Such logs are attached to each of the vessels.

The voyage histories can be viewed as tracks in the map, or in tables where you can filter by time periods.

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Module 3: Monitoring

Add notifications to ports and find out when vessels arrive or depart from the ports.

Add notifications to vessels and find out about the vessel movements.

Do your analysis in a dashboard where you can sort, filter and edit your notifications .

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Module 4: Sea routes

Create, save and send sea routes calculated from any vessel's real-time AIS position to any port or combination of ports.

Get optional routes from one vessel to one destination (port).

Find which vessels are able to reach a port within a specific date, and which vessel will be able to arrive first.

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Module 5: Questionnaires (free)

Attach a questionnaire template to each vessel you are working with. Get started by uploading data from the ShipIntel database to your template, and then you have a questionnaire attached to the vessels you want, where you can add, edit and save technical data on each vessel.

If you add data, you will improve the quality of your search when you search for vessels, and you will save time when calculating sea routes.

We can also help you sync the technical data stored in other software.

Module 6: Notebook

Add notes on vessels, ports, list of vessels or list of ports.

Quickly find all the notes you and your team members have made.

Filter all your team’s notes by author, subject or timestamp

Find notes by making free text searches on the content of the notes

If you click on a note you will be taken to the vessel where the note was written so that you can see the log.

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Available on computers
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Use the same login on your mobile and laptop/desktop. Your data is automatically synced on all your devices.
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Cloud solutions, big data, machine learning and AI

You have probably heard about big data, AI and ML, but you might not fully understand what these technologies can do for you and your company and how this can improve your decision making.

According to various reports, companies investing in big data, cloud computing, mobility, and data security enjoy more than 50 % faster revenue growth than their competitors. These companies are more efficient in running their organizations, providing better customer service, and increasing their overall profit margins

That is what ShipIntel aims to do for you and your company since ShipIntel is a cloud-based service built on big data, machine learning, and industry competence.

Invest in helpful software today that takes you into the future since we develop the software in steps built on big data, ML, and user feedback.

Work in teams and improve the quality of your decisions, be more efficient, and less stressed

Working in any company involved with the maritime industry means you always have to explore opportunities in a rapidly changing market. You must collect information to make the right decisions in a continuously changing world. Therefore you have to search for and collect the information you need efficiently.

The takeaways from successful collaboration in teams seem to be:

  • It makes people more dependable
  • It helps to share knowledge across the company
  • It helps you invest in and retain people in your company
  • Work is important to people and they want to deliver with higher quality

In ShipIntel, you can set up seats, invite colleagues and be a team manager. You and your team will access a team's user log to help you quickly find what your team has done and what you have sent to whom and when.

You will be notified when someone in your team makes changes or wants to reach out to you. You can also subscribe to notifications on vessels and ports to see when specific vessels arrive in specific ports or when vessels arrive in a particular port.  

Data security and access control

When you sign up for a new account, we will unlock a private zone on our servers for each team, so your data and team info will be kept confidential, and you don't need to worry about data security.

We encrypt your data. We use individual security settings. Your input and work are only accessible to those you have authorized. You can lock your mail domains if you only want to invite team members with a specific email address from your company's email domain.

Our software products and business models are fully GDPR compliant.

Our software services and products run on Microsoft Azure, and we will support Microsoft Azure Active Directory.  Active Directory (AD) is a database and set of services that connect users with the network resources and services a company subscribes to. MS AD allows you to control access to employees' apps and app resources based on your company's business requirements.