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Maritime intelligence driven by knowledge and quality data

Every second we collect raw AIS data for the global merchant fleet from more than 700 AIS satellites, terrestrial senders, and dynamic AIS sources. We combine these AIS data sources with technical descriptions of the ships, information about ports, and marine data acquired from public sources and partners.

Each day we collect marine weather data, sea ice data, piracy news and tides from satellites, and we map the vessels' activities in the ports where the merchant vessels trade.

We spend time and knowledge in data wrangling, cleaning, and unifying and processing messy and complex data sets so you should get the most out of the data.

Together with the sea route calculator where you can route from any vessels's AIS position to any port, the AIS data platform is the backbone of our smart maritime software products.

Easy to get started

All you need is WIFI or 3G/4G and a device to login on. If you are interested in in some basic features and don't want to work in a team, you should create a free user account in ShipAtlas. If you want to work in a team and only purchase the modules you need,  you should go for ShipIntel.

Maritime data

Find daily updated marine weather, ice conditions, anti shipping activities and tides. Find canal restrictions, congestions, economical and ECA/SCA zones and much more. Find vessels in ports, at anchorage and recent departures. Route to any port or combination of ports from any of the vessels real-time AIS position.


ShipAtlas and ShipIntel are cloud-based software; in your browser, or download the apps in AppStore or Google Play Store. ShipIntel is also available in the Microsoft Teams Store. Use the same login on all platforms and your settings and data are automatically synced between your devices.

Processed real-time AIS

We collect raw AIS data from satellites, terrestrial senders and dynamic AIS sources every second. We spend time mapping, cleaning and processing the data. We combine the AIS data with data from other public sources and our industry knowledge. Find, where the vessels have been trading in the past. Find their last port, next port, laden/ballast condition etc.

Data security

ShipAtlas and ShipIntel are hosted with Microsoft Azure. We require grade A in the SSL LABs TLS Test of our backend application server. We encrypt your data. User data is only available from service endpoints that require an authenticated user session linked to a team. Our applications are fully GDPR compliant.

Free support

A free-to-use and dedicated support chat are integrated with the applications to assist you anytime.

We are there to help almost 24/7, because we want you to succeed. Please chat with us when you have a question, find a bug, or have an idea.

Screenshot of Maritime Optima Pro on a laptop.Screenshot of ShipAtlas on a tablet.Screenshot of ShipAtlas on a mobile.

Available on desktop
and mobile

Use the same login on your mobile and laptop/desktop, and your settings and data is automatically synced on all your devices.

What people say about us

“As Chairman of EuroGreen Maritime, a startup ship-owning company, we are studying dual fuel alternatives and all technical solutions available to reduce emissions. We frequently use Maritime Optima to understand trading patterns of particular vessel types, ports where dual fuels are or will be available, fleets and age distribution, and historical weather on specific routes. We find both the product and the team in Maritime Optima super user-friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. We highly recommend Maritime Optima as your preferred maritime software partner.”

Rolf Wikborg
Rolf Wikborg
Professional shipping investor and Chairman of EuroGreen Maritime Ltd.

“Digitization is still in its early stages in shipping, and Maritime Optima is in the forefront of this ongoing process. With deep understanding for the shipping business and technology, hard work and willingness to adapt to input from customers, this solution is a one-stop provider that also provides for individual preferences on all platforms like no other system. Thats why I decided to invest in the company, involve myself and introduce Maritime Optima to my network.”

Jon Skule Storheil
Jon Skule Storheill
CEO at Awilco LNG

"I was pleased to be a part of the R&D project initiated by Maritime Optima back in 2019. The software developed by Maritime Optima are always changing for the better, and users are encouraged to bring their feedback. Feedback from users is also the reason for launching ShipIntel in October 2022 and thats why I decided to join Maritime Optima as a full-time Sales Director for ShipIntel."

Profile picture of Tor Augdal
Tor Augdal
Ex Chartering Director Solvang ASA, now Director of Sales ShipIntel

“We are very pleased using the Maritime Optima software in our daily work. Since the beginning, Maritime Optima has been 'the gift that keeps on giving'. The platform is always changing for the better, and users are encouraged to come with feedback. Maritime Optima is listening and often implement these improvements to meet their users expectations. We are excited and look forward to see what Maritime Optima will reveal next.”

Jan Torgersen
Jan Torgersen
CEO Lighthouse Chartering Ltd

“We joined this research & development project because it is exciting with a start-up environment combining industry experience and digital expertise. We have learnt through the Covid-19 period that we have to work a little differently in the future so the timing to attend this project was very good. We wanted to work with a start up that stays in the future and that has the ability to succeed. Working with the Maritime Optima team has been instructive, and we look forward to continuing. We fully believe in projects that combine industry experience with digital competence will provide the highest utility value.”

Profile picture of Jostein Bjørgo
Jostein Bjørgo
Commercial Director of Wilson Eurocarriers AS
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