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Global AIS tracking of the world's merchant fleet at your fingertips.

For individuals interested in AIS vessel tracking and trades, port activities, congestions, sea routes, marine weather, ice conditions, piracy, zones and maps.

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ShipAtlas - more than an AIS vessel tracking

Global AIS ship tracking

Find the AIS positions of the world's merchant fleet with processed AIS data from more than 700 satellites, terrestrial senders and dynamic AIS. All vessels have valid IMO; MMSI and class A transmitters.

Sea Route Calculator

Get the distance in nautical mile, time and ETA from any of the vessel's AIS position to any port or a combination of ports. From your web and mobile. You can also route between ports of course.

Historical AIS tracks

Get the AIS trading history for all  vessels. Find where they have been trading in the past and the intended next port. We estimated whether a vessel is laden or ballast. Listed or shown as tracks on the map.

Search for vessels and create fleet lists

Search by segment, vessel name, IMO, or MMSI. Combine your search with; LOA, beam, draft, year built etc. Create unlimited numbers of fleet lists, and follow the vessels in real-time on your personal map.
Add notifications on the vessels and get push notifications on your mobile when your vessels arrives or departs ports.

Ports, Canals and Congestions

Find canals restrictions, view vessels in port, waiting at anchorage, or vessels recently departed. Find bunker prices and bunker availability. Create unlimited numbers of port lists like; ports your fleet are trading mostly to.
Add notifications on ports and get push notifications on your mobile when vessels arrives or departs.

Build a personal decision making maps

Add the layers you want:
Sea Ice, Piracy and Marine weather (wind, precipitation, waves and currents) updated every 24th hours.
ECA/SECA, Economical Zone, Load Lines, INL and Polar Codes. Change between satellite mode, light or dark map mode.  
Add layers of fleet lists and port lists.

What do the users say about ShipAtlas?

  • Easy to register a free user account and access the AIS data for the global merchant fleet.
  • The only sea route calculator that route from a vessel's AIS position? A super quick and easy-to-use sea route calculator finds the shortest route, from any vessel's AIS position, with speed, ETA, time in sea. A single leg or multi-legs. You can also route between ports. No need for waypoint, just drag and drop the line, just as in Google maps.
  • Daily updated marine information: port activities, tides, local time, canal constraints, congestion, marine weather, ice conditions, and Anti Shipping Activity. You will also find Economic zones, Polar Codes, ECA/SECA zones, etc.
  • A free to use, service minded and dedicated support chat integrated with the application to assist us at any time. Almost 24/7, because we want you to succeed. Chat with us when you have a question, find a bug, or have an idea.
  • The most user friendly mobile vessel and port tracker there is. See the ratings in Google Play Store and App Store.
Screenshot from ShipAtlas showing a vessel in the map, a technical description, last port and next port with ETA.

The world's merchant fleet at your fingertips

We collect raw AIS data every second from more than 700 AIS satellites and terrestrial senders, and dynamic AIS data sources. All vessels have Class A senders, valid IMO and MMSI numbers. We map changes in IMO or MMSI numbers when a vessel change name, flag, or ownership. You will find a short technical description attached to each vessel.

Find where the vessels have been trading in the past, their present position, where they are heading, whether we assume they are in ballast or laden condition, and their speed.

Create an unlimited number of fleet lists and add the lists as layers on your map so you can follow the vessels' position in real-time.

Frequently updated information for the ports where the merchant vessels trade

Search for a specific port, by name or UNECE code. Find the ports relevant for your segment; dry cargo ports, tanker ports etc., or only bunker ports. Click on the port icon in the map and find vessels presently in ports.

Find daily updated marine whether and info on tides, updated bunker prices, grades and availability, for all ports.

Access real-time updated information on vessels in a port, recent departures and vessels waiting at anchorage.

Create unlimited numbers of port lists and add the lists as layers on your map.

Screenshot from ShipAtlas showing vessels in port, port infrastructure, bunker prices and other port information.
Screenshot of ShipAtlas on a laptop.Screenshot of ShipAtlas on a tablet.Screenshot of ShipAtlas on a mobile.

Available on desktop
and mobile

Use the same login on your mobile and laptop/desktop, and your settings and data are automatically synced on all your devices.
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A software you just love to use!

We are dedicated to developing ShipAtlas based on user feedback, so your feedback is highly welcomed.

We invest in having active and happy users, and we want to make it easy to reach us. So we are here to answer your questions, listen to your feedback and support you almost 24/7.

If you have ideas or wishes, want to propose improvements, or find bugs, please send us a chat so we can discuss.