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Maritime Optima’s maritime software solution; ShipIntel, displayed on both desktop and mobile devices. The image shows ship routes, ports, and vessel information, highlighting sea between Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, as well as icons indication vessels on the map. The image on the mobile device, shows a sea route calculation made in ShipIntel for a dry bulk vessel. vessel  The software solution made by Maritime Optima, called ShipIntel, includes features like AIS data, voyage and sea routes, and consumption statistics, offering a comprehensive maritime management view for maritime operations, providing its users with maritime intelligence at their fingertips.
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Integrate ShipIntel with your Microsoft 365 subscriptions

ShipIntel Essentials can be integrated with your Microsoft Teams subscription an ShipIntel Pre-Fix can be integrated with your Outlook subscription.

Customers using Microsoft 365 and that support the Microsoft Entra protocol, can login to ShipIntel by using the Microsoft SSO. Then ShipIntel becomes a part of your company's Data security Policy and your company data is protected by the Microsoft Entra protocol.

ShipIntel runs on Microsoft Azure.
The interface for ShipIntel Essentials, a software by Maritime Optima, integrated and displayed in Microsoft Teams. The image shows ShipIntel Essentials’ dashboard interface on Microsoft Teams with the Vessel List feature selected, showing a vessel list of DHT vessels. To the right in the ShipIntel Essential Teams interface, there is a map showing the live position of vessels belonging to the selected vessel list, along with different colors indication and showing various map layers such as Emission Control Areas (SECA), and judicial maritime zones and boundaries.

Built for companies involved in maritime business - made by maritime professionals

Leverage high quality AIS data

Maritime Optima collects raw AIS data streams from satellites, terrestrial sources, and dynamic AIS sources for the global merchant fleet every second. We clean, unify, and process these data sets with precision and expertise. The enriched AIS data includes vessel specifications, anchorage locations, ports, and berths. By applying machine learning and deep learning analytics to the data sets, and combining the sea route calculator we build models providing you maritime insights and intelligence.

Live vessel search - Live position lists - Live port monitoring

Search for vessels by combining technical vessel descriptions, live AIS data and historical AIS data, sea routes, port information, destination prediction, and create live position lists. Be notified in real-time when changes occur. Find information about areas, anchorages, ports and berths: expected arrivals, arrivals and departures. Live information about vessels at anchorages and in ports, tidal water, largest vessel visited the ports and average time spent in ports for different type of vessels.

Accessible on mobile and laptops

Strengthen team reliability with seamless cross-platform collaboration. Ensure everyone stays updated, connected, and productive, whether at the office or on the go. Create a vessel list or take a photo from your mobile device, and the team can access the new content instantly via mobile or laptop.

Icon of a vessel with a check mark, representing High-quality AIS data for Maritime Optima’s software solutions.
High-quality AIS data
Icon of three people inside a circle, representing and illustration ShipIntel Essentials' integration with Microsoft Teams, and how the software’s integration connects a team and/or coworkers
Integrate with Microsoft
An icon of a desktop/computer/MacBook and a mobile phone inside a circle, representing and illustrating that ShipIntel by Maritime Optima is available on several platforms, such as desktop, mobile, and tablet.
Available cross-platform
Simple icon of a brain inside a circle, symbolizing Maritime Optima and ShipIntel’s AI-driven technology. The brain is white on a black background, while the circle surrounding it is green.

Suitable for all types and sizes of companies involved in the maritime industry

ShipIntel is an innovative software that helps you save hours every day and maximizes the value of your knowledge by letting you combine maritime AIS data, cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, and generative AI technology with your company's data.

With ShipIntel, you gain valuable insights and help to make informed decisions that will drive your business forward.

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