Sea routes, distances and lat-long coordinates

Though the sea route calculator is not a navigational tool for navigators; we are very proud of our sea route calculator. We recommend comparing the ShipIntel sea route calculator with any other sea route calculators there are.

In ShipIntel, you can create, save and send sea routes calculated from any of the vessel's real-time AIS positions to any port or combination of ports, or you can route between ports. You will get warnings if you try to route a vessel through a canal or strait if the canal constraints show that your vessel is too large to pass.

The sea route calculator is excellent for cases such as your vessel is on its way to Tubarao with an ETA on the 1st of March, and your broker asks if your vessel can go to Itaqui instead and ask when she will be there. Or, you are asked to give 3 new discharge options after you have fixed the vessel and are asked when you can arrive and to quote a freight rate.

You may need to bunker to reach one of these destinations. Therefore, you can add the bunker ports to find where you can bunker, which grades are available, and at which prices. The bunker prices are updated daily.

You can calculate the sea distance from any of the vessel's positions to any ports to find the deviation time from the vessel's existing position and the ETA to the possible new destination.

Get started by search or click on the vessels or ports, and click the sea route calculator icon. You can click and drag the line on the web to add waypoints or alternative routes (as in Google maps).

Why use the sea route and distance calculator from ShipIntel

Unlimited number of sea routes for free

Create unlimited number of sea routes for free. You can route from a port to a port or combinations of ports, route from a vessel's AIS position to any port or combination of ports.

Cross Platforms; Laptop and mobile

Very quick to create and access the vessel lists from your laptop or your mobile. Updates done on your vessel lists from your mobile are synced with your computer and vice versa.

AIS service speed for routing

For sea route from a vessel's AIS position we are using the AIS service speed when we calculate the ETA. You can manually overwrite.

Save and send to externals

Upgrade to save and send sea routes to externals. If a cargo owners ask for more discharge options after the vessel is fixed, quickly calculate the different sea route from the vessels AIS position to several ports. Send it to your client or broker.

Very affordable

Very affordable. You can create unlimited numbers of sea routes for free from a vessel's position or port to port. If you want to save and send, have alternative routes and route several vessels to one port, you should upgrade. Advanced sea routes only costs € 20 per seat (billed annually).

Add layers of information to your sea routes

Add layers of information to your map like; bunker ports along your sea route, daily updated Marine Weather forecast, War zones,ECA sones etc

Alternative or optional sea routes

Upgrade to get alternative sea routes from a vessel's AIS position to one destination (port). If the vessel is too large to pass a canal ShipIntel will give you a warning.

Route several vessels to one port

Upgrade to create sea routes for several vessels to the same port and compare their ETA's.

Screenshot of ShipIntel on web and mobile.
Calculate your sea routes in ShipIntel and find distance in nautical mile, lat long coordinates, speed, destination and ETA.

A useful, user-friendly, flexible and affordable software

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