Pre-voyage calculation & TCE Comparison

Those engaged in chartering and ship broking are important receivers and distributors of information. The continuous flow of information and treatment and evaluation of the collected information is necessary to correctly judge the current situation and trends in the freight markets. Therefore, accuracy, reliability, speed, and timing of decisions are of utmost importance.

Pre-calculations might be the most essential decision-making tool for chartering managers. Since the market and number of cargoes and vessels constantly change, chartering managers spend hours each day calculating the potential earnings for a vessel or a group of vessels to be prepared to time and start negotiating through their brokers.

In the Pre-calc & compare module in ShipIntel, you will find all the information you need to calculate and compare results efficiently. By using the pre-calc & compare module in ShipIntel, you will save hours each day in doing your pre-voyage calculations.

Pre-calc and compare is for dry cargo, tankers and LPG but it might also be useful for chemicals and LNG vessels.

Work smarter, be more efficient, and make better decisions with Pre-calc & Compare from ShipIntel.

The Pre-fix Module from ShipIntel

Save hours each day doing pre-voyage calculations

Quickly make pre-calcs from a vessel or a cargo or from a list of vessels and cargoes and compare their TCE, or you can set the TCE, and ShipIntel will calculate the freight you need or vice versa. Add and remove vessels or cargoes, calculate from a freight rate or a TCE target.
Optimize your sea route and TCEs, and minimize your carbon emissions. If you operate tankers, you can also calculate round voyages and compare WS and round trip voyages (R/V) for a fleet of vessels.

Let your team have the available cargoes at their fingertips

Create a cargo and engagement library so everyone in the team has access to available cargoes and engagements quoted by your brokers. Use OpenAI to parse your e-mails. Sort by region, type of cargo, laycan windows and more. Pick one or several cargoes and start doing your pre-voyage calculations in second.

Find the margins by benchmarking market vessels with your vessels for your COAs in seconds

There are always margins to earn in shipping if you are a skilled chartering manager and access to a voyage calculation software. Be prepared if you need to fix a market vessel. If you build a bench-mark workspace with a group of your COA cargoes, you can add market vessels and cargoes and do a pre-voyage comparison to optimise your decisions.

New voyage calculations are done automatically when you add vessels or cargoes.

Start with a vessel list or start with one vessel and add vessels one by one, or add groups of vessels on the go. The voyage calculations work-space are automatically updated and ShipIntel calculates your TCE and freight rate while you adding cargoes or vessels.
You will find the TCE, number of days it takes to perform the voyage, where the vessel will be open, the cargo intake and the cargo emissions.

Quickly give an offer for cargoes and vessels and start negotiating

When you have decided which cargo or vessel you prefer to start negotiating; click the “Create offer” button and a pre-defined email will be filled in with your broker contacts and time constrain. When you have fixed the cargo or vessel, star mark your decisions and ShipIntel will help you work smarter.

Very affordable price

Very affordable pricing. The Pre-fix module step 1 costs only € 15 per seat per month (billed annually). We will continue developing more advanced functionality for this module which will be launched during the autumn of 2023.

Screenshot of ShipIntel on web and mobile.
By using the pre-calc & compare module in ShipIntel, you will save hours each day in doing your pre-voyage calculations.

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