Questionnaires and vessel particulars

Everyone involved in the maritime business needs a vessel database with technical descriptions of vessels. ShipIntel offers a user-friendly team tool for building a technical database for all the vessels you and your team are involved with. You can start building your private database by copying all the public data we have collected on a vessel and then start adding your private information. All the information you add to your questionnaire database is only available to you and your team.

The template contains all the elements in Form B, Gas Form C, Q88 questionnaires, and Baltic Forms. The questionnaires are divided into sections, and you can search within the questionnaire.

You should have a master file for your vessel database. However, ShipIntel is an awesome user-friendly software that makes technical vessel descriptions easily accessible. Therefore we recommend you sync technical descriptions and data stored in other software to ShipIntel, and you will save hours searching for the latest updated technical descriptions. Then you and your team have the technical descriptions of the vessels at your fingertips.

Why use the Questionnaires in ShipIntel

Very affordable prices

Get started by uploading data from the ShipIntel database and create your private questionnaire template for free. The information you add later is only available to you and your team members. If you add data, you will improve the quality of your vessel search since the search algorithms have better data for their search, and you will save time when calculating sea routes and pre-voyage calculation.

Save hours searching for technical information

Facilitates teamwork and sharing of information. By using the questionnaire templates in ShipIntel you and your colleagues will always have updated technical descriptions of your vessels in your pocket. Send us a chat if you want us to help syncing your data from other software you are using.

Improve your search by adding information

When you add information on vessels the quality of the search functionality will be improved and you will make more relevant fleet lists (vessel lists).

Save time doing voyage calculations

Start updating the short description section and that data is used when you create sea routes for vessels or do you pre-voyage calculations.

Screenshot of ShipIntel on web and mobile.
Start building your technical vessel database in ShipIntel and save hours searching for technical description of vessels.

A useful, user-friendly, flexible and affordable software

Start using ShipIntel as a complementary software today for free. You can register a free user account, invite as many colleagues as you want, and continue using ShipIntel Basic for free.

If you want to unlock more advanced functionality you can start to customize your team’s software by subscribing to the modules you need.

Each module costs between €10 and €25 per seat/month (billed annually).

One login on all your devices.

Your work is synced between your devices so your team is always updated.

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