Maritime Technical Management

The objectives of technical management is to provide all the services required to ensure the safe, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient vessel operation in accordance with the international rules and regulations. Technical management is extremely important for controlling the vessels operating costs (OPEX), and for proper maintenance and repair of the vessels.

Maritime Optima Pro for Ship Management:

Save time usually spent updating, searching for and sharing technical vessel descriptions.

Reduce the number of emails and track what you share with whom.

Quickly find out where your client's vessels are trading and which ports their vessels are heading for, so you can plan for spares and inspections.

Access vessel documents and drawings from your laptop and mobile. Take photos from your mobile that are directly attached to your vessels.

Quickly access vessel contact details; crewing agents, owners and commercial owners.

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1. Create a list of your client's vessels or a list of vessels for potential clients

Create a list of your client's vessels for efficient distribution of responsibility between colleagues, and create lists of vessels owned by potential new clients.

You can add each of these vessel lists as layers to your map. The vessel's position will be updated in real-time.

Add contact details or sync your existing contact register, so it is attached to each vessel. This information will be synced between your devices. Open the vessel card and call directly to her crewing agent or the commercial operator from your phone.

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2. Technical descriptions and vessel questionnaires

Every vessel has a public questionnaire template with some technical details attached. We have used Q88, Baltic Form, C-Form and B-Form as an inspiration when we set up this questionnaire template.

Create a private copy of the public templates. Add technical information to your private template and use the Vessel Exchange to send the technical description to your clients.

You can also attach technical drawings such as GA plans, capacity plans and technical inspection reports.

We can assist you with syncing technical information stored in other software you are using for your photos, drawings and documents.

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3. Use the vessel exchange to share sections of a vessel's questionnaire with your clients

From your private questionnaire you can send sections to external partners or you clients, by using the vessel exchange.

Use the vessel exchange if you lack some information, or you want to share sections.

You will find what information has been shared with whom on different vessels on the vessel Exchange page and in a user log.

You can also view the status of the Sendings, (whether the receiver has opened, saved or replied).

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4. Add notes directly to vessels

Add comments to vessels, so you and your colleagues can share knowledge and improve your internal communication. The notes will be attached to the vessels and you and your colleagues can also search and find the notes in your notebook.

A note might be:

@pal, the DHT Hawk will DD end Nov in Singapore and we will change some of the crew.
@Nico, when Star Sun arrives Rotterdam we have to do an underwater survey

You can also connect Maritime Optima with Microsoft Teams subscription for free.

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5. The sea route calculator will quickly show the time and distance from any vessel position to any port

Today you will find many digital sea route calculators, so why use the Maritime Optima sea route calculator? We have put pride in developing a reliable sea route calculator since this influence the voyage costs and environmental footprints. Therefore we have used several technologies to estimate efficient "roads" at sea, thus this is not a navigational tool for professional.

Use the sea route calculator from your laptop or mobile device and find time and sea distance from any vessel's real-time position to any port. If you need more details, you can add weather, ice, piracy or ECA zones. If you want to add waypoints or adjust the route, you can drag the line (just as you do in Google Maps) and the sea route will re-calculate in seconds.

Screenshot of Maritime Optima Pro on a laptop.Screenshot of Maritime Optima Pro on a tablet.Screenshot of Maritime Optima Pro on a mobile.

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We believe in data and knowledge-driven maritime decisions

Our goal is to develop a modern, user-friendly maritime software, and we think the best approach is to work together with the users.

If you want to become a Maritime Optima Pro customer, we can assist you with syncing technical information, photos, drawings and documents, stored in other software, so you can use Maritime Optima as your “viewer”.

Contact us, and let us know what you need, so we can discuss and develop a useful maritime software together.