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Beach cleanup

As a maritime technology startup based in Norway, the ocean is not just a nice view from our office - but the very reason we exist. Our innovations, business, and future is linked to the health and sustainability of marine environments.

According to a 2021 UN report, it is estimated that there is between 75 and 199 million tons of plastic in the ocean, with a new 8-12 tons of plastic ending up in the sea globally every year (Norwegian Centre against Marine Litter).

8 people and a dog in front of the Oslo fjord, equipped with gloves and trash bags in the middle of a beach cleanup

That’s a lot, and not something we can simply solve ourselves. But every small effort counts, and with motivation to make a tangible difference our team decided to dedicate a Saturday to a beach cleanup, armed with gloves, trash bags, and a lot of enthusiasm, to prevent plastic and other waste from entering the beautiful Oslo fjord.

3 happy people standing on a hill with trash bags and gloves ready for the beach cleanup

The beach looked rather clean on the surface, but in between thorny bushes and big rocks we found a lot of bottles, cans, socks (?), disposable grills, and other hidden debris. Even stickers disguised as leaves (!)

After the cleanup we rewarded ourselves with a BBQ in the sun at the newly cleaned beach, pondering what beach to clean next.

Company BBQ showing some of the food being prepared

A big thanks to the team who showed up, and to Rydde (Norwegian Environment Agency and Hold Norge Rent) for making it so easy to help keeping the coastline waste-free by providing free cleanup equipment.

10 people standing on a beach showing the bags of trash collected at the beach

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