Thorleif Thorleifsson

Meet Kenneth - Our digital marketer

Welcome to Maritime Optima! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Thanks! I grew up near Lillestrøm just outside of Oslo. I played a lot of football growing up, but I am also into tennis, golf, billiards and a lot of other sports. Basically any sports involving a ball I am happy to play. These days I mostly train CrossFit and play billiards on the weekends. I play some guitar from time to time and I might even sing a song, if I am pretty sure that no one can hear me.

Tell us a little bit about your background. Your education? What have you been doing before you joined Maritime Optima?

In school I enjoyed hard science subjects like maths, physics and chemistry which is why I wanted to become an engineer. I started on my master’s degree in petroleum engineering at the University of Stavanger in 2013. After graduating in 2018 I have had quite a few different jobs - from door to door sales to assistant at a small private oil company. In the 3-4 months before joining Maritime Optima I spent most of my time learning software development. That investment paid off and I am excited to start my new career with Maritime Optima.

Why did you become interested in software?

I have always been good at maths and enjoyed solving logical problems and I knew that I wanted to work in a field where those abilities were needed. In the beginning of 2020 I heard about software bootcamps for people wanting a career transition. When I discovered that transitioning to a career within software did not require another university degree I was very intrigued. I started learning on my own and quickly developed a passion for software development. There are so many possibilities in software and I really enjoy creating things.

Why do you find Maritime Optima attractive?

I find Maritime Optima attractive because I get to take part in an exciting journey. Our product has the potential to change the entire maritime industry and making an impact on such a global scale gives me a lot of motivation. The people working here are very passionate about what we are trying to achieve, which makes working here very enjoyable.

What will be your responsibilities in Maritime Optima?

My responsibility in Maritime Optima is to help increase the number of people who use our app on all platforms. I will be optimising our website for SEO purposes and make changes to our website based on user behaviour. I will be running marketing campaigns on social media and use data and analytics to make continual improvements to our marketing strategy. 

How would you describe a successful team?

A successful team is made up of people who want to achieve a common goal. The team has open and honest communication so that they can have discussions that lead to better solutions. The members of a successful team have diverse skill sets and qualities that compliment each other.

There are many digital maritime initiatives and start-ups around, what do you think is special about Maritime Optima?

I think that Maritime Optima is special because the team has experience from previous start ups and is passionate about making a change to the maritime industry. The team also has a lot of experience from working within the maritime industry and know a lot about the challenges that exist there. They have a huge network and are able to develop the product through conversations with companies in the industry. All these things put Maritime Optima in a great position to succeed.

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