Thorleif Thorleifsson

Recap with our Summer Interns of 2023

This summer we’ve had the pleasure of having our summer interns, Line and Daniel, working together with us! Before they leave us for their new life as students, we had a chat to learn more about the experience they’ve gained this summer working with us and what their plans are for the year to come. 

Hey Daniel and Line, thanks for taking the time to talk with us about your summer at Maritime Optima!

What have you been working with this summer?


I’ve been working a lot with map data and learning how to use tools as qgis and combining it with databases and the framework behind the editing tools. I’ve also been helping with testing and quality assurance to ensure that our products are working as they should. 


I’ve been responsible for the company’s social media channels and making content to promote our products ShipAtlas and ShipIntel as well as the team behind Maritime Optima. 

What have you learnt by working here?


This summer I’ve learned about the professional side of our social media platforms and how I can use their tools and insights to plan and produce content for optimal reach. I’ve also further developed my skills when it comes to making videos and posts for our channels during the summer, based on the feedback and reach the posts have received. A first for me was the possibility to design rollups used for this years Nor-Shipping brunch, so it was very exciting to get the chance to explore this type of design work.  


I’ve been learning a lot about the different programming tools the company is using, and how to work as a part of a team. Another important thing I’ve learned is that I shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions when there’s something I’m unsure of, since the team here has a great culture for sharing knowledge. 

What’s most exciting about working here?


Maritime Optima gives me a great opportunity to learn about how software and expertise are used to create real-life and useful applications, like what Maritime Optima makes. This company has also given me a huge insight into all the thousands of pieces that together make the shipping industry and it is cool to learn about it.


What I appreciate about this job is that I get to use my creative side and I’m also given the opportunity to influence the way the company presents itself on our social media platforms. For me as an intern it’s especially great to work for a company that values my opinions and appreciates the competence I bring to the table. I also appreciate the Maritime Optima team, as they always look out for their interns, and inspire them to learn and grow both along with the rest of the team and as individuals.


Best of luck to the both of you on your studies in Bergen and Trondheim! We can’t wait to have you back with us again and hearing all about your life as students in new cities!

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