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Can you customize ShipIntel to suit your specific needs? And other questions about working in teams in ShipIntel

Efficient communication and collaboration are critical factors for success in the maritime industry, and everyone working within the maritime industry understand how important it is to keep information private and confidential.

ShipIntel is designed to simplify team collaboration, save time and to ensure a smooth flow of information within teams and people working together. We want to help maritime professionals unlock their digital potential by providing intelligent and easy-to-use software based on AIS maritime data, cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, and generative AI technology. In this blog post, we'll explore how ShipIntel facilitates effective teamwork by answering some of the most frequently asked questions from users and customers.

At its core, ShipIntel provides live and historical AIS data, offering a dynamic map that visualizes vessels' live movements. Each vessel comes with a short technical description, and you can search for and find vessels in the database based on these criteria. This data is public and available to any user and team.

However, ShipIntel goes beyond this with tools such as sea route calculation, port and area monitoring, and organization of documents, technical vessel details and photos. You can even build your own AIS based CRM system. How you are using the different ShipIntel tools, which sea routes or lists of vessels you create, which ports you monitor, and all other information you add to your software, is only available to you and your team.

Whether your team operates across different locations or within the same office, ShipIntel ensures everyone in the team is well-informed through automatic synchronization. Sea route calculation, port and area monitoring, and customisable vessel and port lists are just glimpses of ShipIntel's capabilities. ShipIntel serves as a central hub for your team, not only encouraging efficient communication within any team, but also contributing to a more holistic understanding of the current situation, helping you save time and make more qualified decisions.

To delve deeper into ShipIntel's teamwork capabilities, let's address some key questions that often arise:

Does ShipIntel synchronize automatically between team members?

Yes, ShipIntel ensures automatic synchronization across your team and your devices, guaranteeing everyone in a team have access to the latest and most relevant information in real-time. If any of your team members add a vessel to a list of vessels or upload a photo, all other team members will access the latest information in real-time.

Is ShipIntel only for large enterprises?

No, definitely not. ShipIntel is for any company, large or small. The features included in each of the two ShipIntel subscriptions, and its pricing model, makes ShipIntel a preferred software for SMBs involved in maritime business. If you want to empower your maritime team to unlock their digital potential, book a demo today and learn more.

Can ShipIntel integrate with other tools or software already used by our team?

Customers supporting Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Entra protocol, can login to ShipIntel by using Microsoft SSO. ShipIntel then comlies with your company’s IT data and security policy and your employees data is protected by the Microsoft Entra protocol.

You can integrate your ShipIntel Essentials subscription with Microsoft Teams, letting you share and create ShipIntel Essentials dashboards inside your Microsoft Teams channels and groups, helping your team stay up-to-date and connected.

You can integrate ShipIntel Pre-fix with Oulook and track your emails from they arrive in your inbox until you have done your voyage calculations and fixed your vessels and cargoes.

Read more about the Microsoft integration.

Can I get a license with only one seat in ShipIntel?

Yes, you can. If you require only one seat in ShipIntel, there's no need to purchase more. Although we believe that team collaboration enhances your ShipIntel experience, you can start with a single-seat subscription. You have the flexibility to add more seats to your team or upgrade your subscription at any time during the term.

The easiest way to get started is to start with one seat in ShipIntel Essentials and then you can add more seats or upgrade to ShipIntel Pre-Fix later.

Does ShipIntel provide notifications for critical events or changes?

ShipIntel ensures that teams stay informed with notifications for critical events and any modifications made by your colleagues. This proactive feature enables teams to respond quickly to sudden events, and to stay on the same page when working together.

Team members can set up personalized notifications tailored to their specific needs. Whether it's tracking vessels entering war zones, monitoring arrivals and departures at ports, or staying updated on vessels entering or leaving designated areas, or crossing lines in the ocean, ShipIntel ensures you are informed and on the top of what is important for you.

Additionally, teams receive notifications when a member updates information, such as uploading documents, adding pictures, or making changes to vessel or port lists (and more). Access the team activity log to view the activities of team members. Additionally, a private log is available to show only your individual activities.

Is ShipIntel accessible for remote team members?

ShipIntel is not geographically confined, allowing members to connect to the software from any part of the globe and from any type of device.

You can read about devices and browsers ShipIntel supports in our user guide.

How secure is ShipIntel in handling sensitive data?

When you sign up for a new account in ShipIntel, we will unlock a private Azure section for each team, so your data and team info will be kept confidential, and you don't need to worry about data security. If you upload documents or pictures, make changes to vessels or routes, this will remain private within your team.

Our software products and business models are fully GDPR compliant. We encrypt all your data, and use individual security settings. Your input and work are only accessible to those you have authorized. You can lock your mail domains if you only want to invite team members with a specific email address from your company's email domain.

Our software services and products run on Microsoft Azure, and you can login by using your company’s  Microsoft Entra Protocol (previously Azure Active Directory).  Entra safeguard connections between people, apps, resources, and devices with multi cloud identity and network access products, making sure your IT department is in control of your company’s data and which employees should be authorized to give access to any software your company is using.

How does ShipIntel ensure data accuracy and reliability?

Every second we collect raw AIS data for the global merchant fleet from satellites, terrestrial senders, and dynamic AIS sources. We combine these AIS data sources with technical descriptions of the ships, information about berth and ports, and marine data acquired from public sources and external partners.

Each day we collect marine weather data, sea ice data, piracy news and tides from satellites, and we map the vessels' activities in the ports where the merchant vessels trade.

We spend time and knowledge in data wrangling; cleaning, unifying and processing messy and complex data sets so you get the most out of our product.

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